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...best painting company in Denver. -Michael OLeary, Ambassador Consulting

Our Services

BCC provides a variety of services in both residential and commercial settings. We are equipped to champion projects from small, private residences to large multi unit hotels and condo complexes. This has been obvious throughout our existence and is reflected in our work. Several hotels, multi-family homes in Crested Butte, CO and condo complexes in Snowmass, Winter Park, Granby have served as examples of our work, of which we take tremendous pride.

Although we specialize in multi-unit construction, we also enjoy providing high quality professional services to homes within the Denver and Colorado communities. In addition to painting services, we also perform minor carpentry work to any damaged areas that we would be painting.

We follow a process that we have used throughout our existence that ensures high quality service while protecting out clients’ facilities and homes. All our work is carried out in accordance with the Painting and Decorating Contractors of America Association.


    Review of areas we are painting to identify any issues
    Re-securing of loose fascia and trim boards, as needed
    Power wash all previously painted or stained surfaces to remove dirt, debris and all loose paint
    Scrape and wire brush all loose paint (protection of these areas while work is done is a priority)
    Caulk and re-caulk any areas that are not to a high quality standard
    Mask off windows, concrete, decks, trim, etc and lay drop cloths in all painting areas
    Prime areas on various substrates, where needed
    Apply topcoat by brush, roller or spray
    Removal of all equipment and masking tape
    Clean up and removal of all debris

We guarantee labor for all our exterior work for 1 year and all materials are guaranteed by the paint supplier for 5 years, so there is no need to worry when you choose BCC as your painting resource. In addition, we are fully insured, bonded and certified by applicable agencies and government offices. Call for guarantee details.


We are fully insured, bonded and certified.

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